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One of the clearest signs of a skilled plumber is easy to see: how well can they find the root of your plumbing problems? In Redwood City, Pro Roto is primarily known for our vast diagnostic knowledge. We find (and solve) problems quickly and permanently. The foundation of our diagnostic skills is found in our thorough plumbing inspections.

Our plumbers conduct thorough inspections of your entire residential or commercial plumbing system: fixtures, appliances, pipes, fittings, sewer lines, and everything in between. We utilize the industry’s most advanced technology, from electromagnetic leak detection to video camera inspections. The result is a full, honest look at your plumbing issues, allowing us to fix any present or future problems you may have.

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The Secret to a Good Diagnostic Plumber

Plumbers everywhere offer inspections. What separates us from them is our commitment to honesty. Read any Pro Roto review and you’ll see a common thread: we never pressure customers to pay for services they don’t need. Instead, we offer simple, straightforward service that makes your life easier. We’re an old-fashioned business: we’re looking for lifelong customers, not a quick buck. That means earning (and keeping) your trust.

Solving Problems the Big Name Plumbers Can’t Find

One of our favorite things is helping people fix their long-time plumbing issues. One of our customers came to us because all the big-name plumbing companies he called couldn’t locate his problem-much less fix it. After six months, they called Pro Roto. We found the problem in 4 hours and made sure it was solved for good. Our work saved our customer money, time, and stress. That’s who we are-and that’s what we want to do for you.

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Hear It From YOur Redwood Neighbors

    “Very Professional”
    “I highly recommend this company. We now have the water pressure we'd been only dreaming about thanks to Pro Roto.”
    - Deb K.
    “I'm so pleased to have discovered Pro Roto and Oscar and his Crew. They did a fantastic job clearing roots from my sewage pipes. They were on time, tidy and professional. I hope I don't need them again but if I have plumbing issues in the future, I won't”
    - Robert S.
    “Great Service”
    “Isaac was quick to respond to my emails and careful to get the correct details of my situation to create an estimate that was fair to me.”
    - Edward H.
    “Impressive Service”
    “Clear and timely communications throughout, left the worksite clean ... highly recommended!”
    - Marc G.
    “Pro-Roto is the best!”
    “Pro-Roto has always been fair and honest, the work is quickly fixed and amazing.”
    - Todd G.
    “My Go-To Plumbers!”
    “Moving forward Pro Roto is my go-to for my plumbing needs! I can’t recommend their services enough after my brief encounter and it’s reassuring that they’re available 24 hours a day!”
    - Kevin T.
    “Easy to schedule, honest, provided estimated cost up front, on time, and helpful in troubleshooting. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.”
    - Julia S.
    “Very highly recommend Pro Roto. Juan is a professional, courteous, and fast response. Very reliable business.”
    - Steve S.