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Tired of showering in cold water every morning? It may be time to get in touch with our specialists at Pro Roto. We provide thorough water heater repair and installations so clients can enjoy a dependable source of warm water as soon as they turn on the tap. Our Redwood City water heater techs can work on any model, make, or brand. 

To determine the most suitable type of system for your property, contact us at (650) 844-1194 for a complimentary estimate.

Which Kind of Water Heater Installation Do You Need?

When it comes to selecting a brand-new water heater, it's important to understand which type of water heater is most suitable to the individual household’s needs. There are primarily two kinds of systems: Traditional tank-style water heaters and newer tankless versions. Tankless units, also known as on-demand water heaters, warm up water directly. Without the need for a storage tank, it takes up less space and consumes less energy as well. 

In contrast, tank-style systems store and constantly heat a large amount of water, ensuring a steady supply. They are typically less expensive upfront and have a simpler installation process. Our experts will not only go over more key distinctions between tank and tankless but can also advise homeowners on several other characteristics of these mechanisms.

Ask us any questions about options such as:

  • Oil water heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Exterior water heaters
  • Interior water heaters

Our licensed experts are ready to lend a hand as soon as you give us a call at (650) 844-1194 for Redwood City water heater services.

What Does a Faulty Water Heater Look Like? 

A water heater that refuses to provide a warm supply of water clearly has something wrong with it. There are plenty of issues that can crop up in a system. In some cases, it may be that the pressure valve needs to be repaired. Other problems have to do with the specific kinds of systems. Electric water heaters have wiring elements that can wear out or malfunction over time, while the thermocouples in gas water heaters can become faulty, creating issues with the ignition. Always seek help from an expert as soon as possible to avoid an unexpected loss of warm water.

Signs that a water heater needs professional repairs include:

  • Visible indications of cracking in the tank.
  • Suddenly fluctuating water temperatures 
  • Small leaks or pools of water beneath the unit
  • Rusty or discolored water

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Why Does My Water Heater Smell So Bad?

If a water heater is releasing a foul odor, this issue is often caused by bacterial growth within the tank. Over time, bacteria can thrive in the warm environment of the unit, especially if the water is not regularly used or the temperature is not set high enough. These contaminants produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which has a distinct rotten egg smell. Another common cause is a buildup of sediment, which can lead to overheating, scalding, and extensive damage to the tank or the pressure relief valves. Speak to our team at Pro Roto whenever you encounter an unusual smell from your system.

How to Replace Your Water Heater

When it's time to replace your water heater in Redwood City, Pro Roto plumbers have you covered. Start by turning off the gas or electricity and shutting off the water supply. It's best to consult our experts for a seamless water heater replacement that suits your specific needs. We take care of permits, guaranteeing Redwood City's regulatory compliance. Our expert team will manage the installation process, ensuring safety and efficiency. We'll make sure you have hot water flowing again in no time.

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